Nightfall Dungeon Greenlit On Steam!

January 13, 2017 — Alice and Smith's 4th game (in less than two years) was just successfully Greenlit on Steam! Nightfall Dungeon will be available on Steam in Fall 2017.

Nightfall Dungeon is Greenlit on Steam (try the alpha 1.5 now!) and will be available to buy and play in Fall 2017! Started as a pet project for a Christmas gift to our community, the alpha version now has 3 class systems, rare drops, set items, and much more.

Nightfall Dungeon is a fast-paced loot game mixing luck and strategy. Gather magical items, improve your equipment and fight your way through the deepest dungeon of Cornix. Assemble forgotten set items, research combo spells or gamble it all on ancient relics to be the first to defeat the nightfall dragon!