Our Expertise

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Alternate Reality Games

Alternate Reality Games, also called ARGs, are transmedia processes allowing us to push a universe outside its original medium, thus engaging fans on a deeper level. 

Below are the foundations on which Alice and Smith creates ARGs.

Content creation for multiplatform projects
Creation and operation of transmedia events
Co-creative model for existing intellectual properties

Brand Storytelling

By crafting unique transmedia experiences, you can create an extremely powerful emotional link to your brand,
be it a game, a movie or a corporate identity.

Below is a list of brand storytelling services Alice and Smith provides.

Campaign launch and project rollout
Franchise creation and operation
Management and growth of your virtual identity
Engagement with press, experts and influencers
Community creation and caretaking

Serious Games

The marriage between playfulness and content allows us to offer educational, informational and ideological platforms, anchored in a sociological or educational framework. Simply put, it allows learning through play.

Below are the foundations on which Alice and Smith creates serious games

Strategies to bring playfulness to content
Measurement of engagement and dashboarding
Simulation platforms and large scale participative events