Ahnayro: The Dream World

Explore the twisted and troubling world of your dreams

Game overview

Steam Rating: 97% very positive

“The presentation is top notch, a sort of Victorian spirit cabinet of a game.”
  – Rock Paper Shotgun

“Wonderful game full of poesy, as a big literature fan, it’s been a pleasure to meet Woolf, Doyle or Barrie…”
  – Quovadis

“Fantastic, eerie, and thought-provoking.”
  – Rknight

“A wonderful, thought-provoking game full of moments of awe. This is my first steps into an Alice & Smith game and if they’re half as good as this game is I am now a fan.”
  – Aporia

“Mesmerizing. 10/10.”
– User D4C / Steam

“Not only am I blown away by how thoroughly the backstory work for this game has been completed, but the way the gameplay itself can emulate trying to resolve your own dreams in real life is awesome.”
– User Aryala / Steam

“A truly fantastic game, worth every penny, the narration is amazing, this game together with the black watchmen are a must have.”
  – User Rdaddy / Steam

“Alice & Smith have The Golden Touch! This release is a masterpiece of ethereal education.”
  – User TheMadSeeker / Steam

“Another great game from Alice & Smith. These guys know how to win the heart of an ARG fan.”
  – User lunchweek / Steam

“Oh…….My………God. This game is incredible.”
  – User Ferda bets.gg / Steam

A journey into history

Descend into the mesmerizing Victorian universe of Ahnayro: The Dream World. Venture through time and explore famous events and captivating historical figures shrouded in an exquisite palette of puzzles; from mental illness to poetry, art and social revolution.


The origins of Ahnayro

As an Art Historian, Nathalie Lacoste (CEO) wanted to explore the poetic Victorian era in an immersive experience that only transmedia games can achieve. With the collaboration of the visionary team Lovent Group, and the award winner composer Dominique Rheault, this small production came to life in November 2016 and forever changed the player who embarks in its universe.



Players explore the world of Ahnayro trough a series of dream vision. Guided by a spirit guardian, they explore fragmented moments in time and need to understand their meaning and their hidden relations via riddle and research. From Sherlock Holmes to Ellis Island to the Suicide Bridge in Pasadena, the logic behind such connections come to light in the universe of Ahnayro.

To avoid breaking the immersive storytelling, the game integrates innovative transmedia narrative that replaces typical cutscene. In-game, you are brought to explore the protagonist’s dream and, out of game (online, website, email), you will discover her struggles through the various NPCs who knew her. 

The game offers up to 5 hints per night, that you need to spend carefully. But, at any time of the day, you will always find hundreds of dedicated agents ready to help, both on our Discord server and on our forums.