Alice & Smith receives an $800,000 investment for its simulation game NITE Team 4

Montreal, November 30, 2017 – Inspired by the latest military and civilian hacking platforms, NITE Team 4 is a simulation game that lets players relive the most famous cyber attacks of the past decade.

Known for its expertise in investigation and alternate reality games, the Montreal studio attracted more than 350,000 players with its latest release, Hello Games’ Waking Titan ARG. It also reached more than 500,000 players in 80 countries with The Secret World ARG (developed with Funcom) and the launch of Warhammer 40,000 ARG for Games Workshop. Alice & Smith was also commissioned as a consultant by NBCUniversal on the TV series Mr. Robot.

With these achievements under their belt, the studio decided last year to launch an ambitious project on Kickstarter called NITE Team 4, a hacking simulation game inspired by the most advanced platforms, both civilian (such as KaliMaltego, and Metasploit) and military (such as XKeyscore, Quantum, Validator and FoxAcid).

The company intends to use the $800,000 investment to further enrich the NITE Team 4 universe by inviting players to experience or relive the most famous cyber attacks of the past decade. The game scenarios will draw on the operations and missions of the 15 greatest intelligence services in the world, including the NSA’s TAO, the United Kingdom’s GCHQ and China’s MSS, as well as other lesser-known organizations such as India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor agency to the KGB.

“Our investors saw the international potential of our project both in terms of entertainment and cybersecurity training,” said Nathalie Lacoste, president of Alice & Smith.

“There are few projects that deal with this global issue in a serious way. We are very proud to support this Quebec initiative,” said the main investor, Victor Duro. “We were surprised to learn that over 16% of pre-orders came from defence and cyber-intelligence employees. The potential applications for NITE Team 4 go far beyond the realm of entertainment.”

The fictional aspect of NITE Team 4 is entirely based on The Black Watchmen, the studio’s first permanent immersive game, which lets players live the life of a secret agent through online investigations, phone calls and secret missions that unfold across North America, Russia and Europe.

Currently available for pre-order, NITE Team 4 already features more than 12 missions in its demo version. To learn more, visit niteteam4.com.



Located in Montreal, Alice & Smith specializes in alternate reality games. In addition to orchestrating the launch of numerous video games, the company has led campaigns in over 80 countries. In 2015, Alice & Smith released its first permanent alternate reality game, The Black Watchmen. Available on Steam for PC or Mac, the game now boasts more than 45,000 players.